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September 29, 2008
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Palin by ChrisHolm Palin by ChrisHolm
ok, here we have Sarah Palin in a bikini.

I hope she, I mean, McCain wins. I know that 90% of the devaints on her are full blown zombie liberal just doing the usual anti-conservative whatever and I'm sure they are portraying her as a skank or something. Just something different. I can't believe that people were thinking McCain would choose Liberman as his running mate.

Did everyone forget Liberman tried to censor videogames? I guess so.

Anyways, I like Palin, she can skin a moose after she shot it. I'm sure I'll get flamed and stuff by some of the locals for this, but who cares... She's hot.

When I was drawing this, the last picture in my sketch book,(now i need a new one) someone (a cosplayer, I'll explain later) was all, "Why are you drawing her?" With an attitude.

"Because she's hot!" then they asked. "Are you going to vote for her?"

"Of course." I replied.

To think of it, me voting for McCain just because Palin is hot is just as ridiculious as someone else voting for Obama because he's black.

At least I don't feel guilty about it.

*update* my latest Palin drawing here:
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En1gMa92 Feb 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
Her body looks nothing like that
draggane Dec 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Lol I never see palin this way...
good job, even if I found her artificial, insane, and cruel / totaly insensitiv with animals
Dodged a 90 mega ton nuke not electing this nut job!!!  Doesn't mean she isn't attractive, however, she is insane!
poop87 Aug 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
this is supposed to be pro palin? lol this proves that the only thing supporters see in her is her boobs.
LOL, and their awesome. Do you have to be ugly to stand for something or what?
so you're admitting that the only reason you like palin is because of her boobs and not here ideas?
And how do you know I wasn't referring to both? I understand your trying to twist my words since you really don't have much to go on. And you're obviously just trolling. The same superfical arguement could be made for President Obama. People voting for him because "X" and not his policies. Believe what you want, I respect others rights to form their own opinions. Do you? LOL.
The only problem with this argument is that Palin didn't and still does not have any original ideals of her own.  All this bimbo does is recite talking points like a good little dog.
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